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Writing / June 16, 2011

Independence Day Poem Submitted to Yahoo

I completed and submitted my Independence Day-themed poem to Yahoo this afternoon. This particular assignment didn’t take me long to finish, but went through a few revisions before being finalized. The biggest problem I had was deciding what the poem should be about. The poem itself was only supposed to be themed for Independence Day, […]

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Opinions / June 15, 2011

A Mixture of Tears and Coffee

Okay, so maybe just coffee. I’ve found myself drawn to that drink like a moth drawn to a bug zapper recently. My Internet connection died yesterday. It was down all night. Ironically, this took place right after watching the South Park episode where the Internet dies across the world and Kyle has to unplug it […]

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Writing / June 6, 2011

Running With the Wild Horses

Recently, I had someone ask why I’m planning to move to the United Kingdom. Their sheer, morbid curiosity was very clear. It was also obvious that they would never dare such a venture, content to cower behind walls of comfort they built for themselves all their lives. My answer? I’m a wall-climber. I chip away […]

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Writing / June 5, 2011

A Final Good-bye and A Greater Resolve

There are situations in life that inspire you to do more than the norm. To push yourself beyond the boundaries you have set for yourself over years and decades of plain and simple living. For me, today was one of those times. Today, we said our final good-byes to my wonderful grandma Evelyn Patterson Morrow, […]

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Writing / June 1, 2011

Our Immortal Gleam

This day has been tainted with the loss of a very special and important person in my life, my grandma Evelyn Morrow. It was something that took a long moment to sink in. She passed away at two o’clock this morning. It wasn’t until about 11 am though that the realization finally took hold. After […]

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Writing / May 31, 2011

The New Layout is Online

Okay I know I said it would take up to June 3 to get the new layout online, but plans have a habit of not going how we planned them to go. In this case, that’s a good thing. With the new layout containing 20% more information consuming 60% less bandwidth, it’s been an amazing […]

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Writing / May 31, 2011

Welcome to The Purple Dragon….

To go with a shiny, new layout comes a shiny new blog (that, and the old blog has long over lived its usefulness to me and my writing career). This, like most blogs, is the home of my rants, raves and other random (bodacious) posts. Here’s the lowdown: I’m fun. I enjoy my work (thoroughly). […]

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Articles / May 4, 2010

The Future of Video Games

The following article was originally published on ThatGaminSite on May 4, 2010. The entertainment industry has no plans to leave your living room anytime soon. The market for electronic games is expanding. Today’s games yield more realism than ever, which yields more fun, which yields more sales. But, what about tomorrow’s? What might an electronic […]

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