Includes work done at BlueKube, Porch Potty, SideVia, and TutorCam. I was responsible for website development, website design, search engine optimization, app development, strategy, and some graphic design duties.

With regard to SideVia, I was in charge of design up until 2022, when my duties were more focused on backend development and SEO on that site. We refocused on the TutorCam branding and with that new branding came a new website design that I assisted in developing as the lead developer of the web development team.

I transitioned BlueKube from the WordPress platform to Shopify in anticipation of new products and services being offered under the BlueKube brand. this included a complete overhaul of the frontend and backend as well as transitioning my existing design from the WordPress BlueKube site to Shopify.

Porch Potty consisted of four websites, each from a different country (US, UK, Australia, and Canada). I developed each of these separately in coordination with the rest of our marketing team. This design was based on local inspiration for each country. I coordinated with our content developer as well as our graphic designer to create designs that spoke to the local markets in each of these countries.

You can view the current live websites below.