Testimonials and Letters of Recommendation

“Josh Nay is definitely a person who would prove a loyal asset to any business. Now why would I use the word loyal? When we worked together, he always made sure that he was on task and working hard to reach the goals of the company. Anything else could wait until he was off the clock. That even held true when he was repairing the website in the middle of the night. This was inspiring to me as a co-worker.

Josh is also one that is on top of the current trends in the industry and is aware of the changes that need to be made. He is fun to talk with and a great source of information. Regardless of his brilliance as a developer, I would still recommend him because of his loyalty and brains that would prove to be beneficial to any employer.”

Brian Whiting, HEALTHandMED

“Josh has been a true ally, and his dedication to his art has meant that he’s been on the DOODAD journey with me from launch to (the sad) close. He knows more than I do about my own business, and that’s just a reflection on his expertise within this whole industry. Love your work.”

Sarah Neill, dOODAD

“He was soo nice and helped me out with my website design! It looks so great now! Great prices and excellent service. Highly recommend!”

Sarah Kaufman, Magic Key Productions

“Josh is an excellent writer. His writing pieces are well-written and flawless. He is professional, personable, thoughtful, hard-working, and intelligent. He works well independently as well as in a group, and he is a good problem solver. He is easy to get along with and fair to everyone. I am happy to be working in the same field as Josh and to know him as a person. He would be a good asset to any company. I highly recommend him.”

Andrea Rice

“Josh is a great communicator and really on the ball. He is easy to work with and gets things done in a very timely manner.”

Andrea Crome, WorldSIM

“He got my ecommerce website up and running again working properly after only a week when my old webmaster couldn’t do it in a month. Highly recommended!”

Brad King