Short Stories

Short story authors such as Josh Robert Nay continue to observe old-fashioned writing traditions while incorporating ebook technology into their short story projects and books. To that end, many of his short story projects are available to read online without cost. Josh’s short stories and flash fiction works cover a wide variety of genres, subjects, and situations. Westerns, Fantasies, Sci-Fi, and Humor are but a few of these genres.

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Bandit and the Thing

Humor / Fiction

In this short comedy story, Bandit has just discovered something odd sitting in his special sleeping spot. Struck with curiosity, he and his sidekick Rover study the thing, trying to figure out what it is and what it’s doing there.


Chaser’s Quest

Science Fiction

This short story is based in the far future, hundreds of years after an alien race known as the Prangers nearly wiped out humanity. The last surviving crew of the final battle with the Prangers sets for home after being stranded in deep space. Within five days, their ship would no longer support life …

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Cupid’s Irony

Tragedy / Fiction

George Whin cannot stand being caught in the seemingly inescapable love for his wife Maria. When she tempts fate and goes out into a blizzard in search of her lost wedding ring, George discovers something very odd …


Five Dollar Angel

Inspirational Fiction

An inspirational short story about a young boy’s desperate search for hope for his family, and the discovery of that hope from a very unlikely source.

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My American Revolution

Historical Fiction

Margaret Corbin was the first woman to fight for the United States in a war. After witnessing the death of her husband and being wounded during the Battle of Fort Washington, Margaret valiantly took his place firing the cannon. Based on a true story.


Tune of the Hourglass

Romance / Fiction UPDATED!

In this short story, swim through a sea of emotional betrayal and obsession as a young woman tries to restore order and romance to her chaotic love life.



Horror / Thriller / Fiction

As night settles on a forest in Virginia, a group of friends discover they are not alone …


The Uninvited and the Curse

Historical Fiction

The ancient Egyptian pharaoh Khufu, for whom the Great Pyramid was built, receives a startling realization: he has been dead and entombed for over 5,000 years! In addition, he has been greeted by a group of peculiar and unwanted guests …