A Demon’s War

Where have all the heroes gone?
You ask yourselves everyday.
What ever wrong was done to them
To make them fade away?

The might of horror and evil it seems
Has reared its evil head.
It has gobbled up all the heroes
And left them all for dead.

I was there to watch it all.
I watched the last hero as he fell
Into the dark and lonely world
That can only be known as a mental Hell.

Into the mind’s debts he tumbled and whirled,
Never stopping, never slowing.
He got smaller and smaller and smaller still,
Until he was just a dim speck glowing.

Then the sight of him was lost
In the vast dark world of the cave.
I witnessed the wonders of the whole ordeal
As the mighty mind of a hero was enslaved.

I am a demon sent from that Hell,
Bent on your destruction and shame.
I shall condemn the whole of your world
To a dark and perilous fate.

I am a demon and you shall perish
Unless you can salvage yourself,
And I shall fight a long, hard battle,
To pull all of humanity to the depths of its Hell.