Fabric Rose

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Our love is like a fabric rose,
Fragile, yet unable to be broken.
That rose, like our love,
Will never wither, never die.

The dew kissed petals represent
The tears we’ve cried; those we’ve yet to cry.
They speak so softly the words of affection
That so many times go unspoken.

Please do not leave our love on the shelf,
Don’t be afraid to be yourself.
I’ll cherish and love you for who you are.
The stem of our love reaches to the heavens.

Fake though the fabric rose may appear sometimes,
A hallucination to the wearing heart,
Its words echo much more to the ear:
This love is real, like the happiness you bring.

As our life together begins,
Hold the fabric rose close to your heart.
Our love is too strong to be torn apart;
The fabric rose forever stands unbreakable.