The Egyptian First-Person Perspective is Doing Excellent

When reading my new short story The Uninvited and the Curse, which I mentioned in my previous entry on The Purple Dragon as well as in repeated posts on both Facebook and Twitter, some people ask why I chose to go with a first-person perspective for Khufu, the pharaoh in the story.

Simply put, the story just would not be as personal without it. I wanted to focus as much as possible on Khufu, his feelings, his memories, and his thoughts. If I were to do a third-person perspective on this, sure, it would have all of the necessary information. However, the whole perspective change would have thrown the reader from seeing what was happening in Khufu’s eyes to one of the “uninvited” and then back again, resulting in a loss of some of that initial emotion that Khufu is able to express directly.

I don’t do a lot of first-person narratives. Most of my works are indeed third person. That may be another reason I chose to go that way with The Uninvited and the Curse. Regardless of the reason, I hope everyone continues to enjoy it.

Uninvited will be my featured short story for a while now. It’s no secret that I am working on more poetry, and I’m also working on a short story for all of my western lovers out there. I plan, however, on keeping the promo (shown above) up for Uninvited well into next month, even after publishing the aforementioned western. I will, of course, add the western story’s link to the short story page.

Historical fiction is my favorite genre and I most definitely have more work on the way to share with all of you. For now, I’d like to close by showing my appreciation for all of you who have submitted feedback. It is most appreciated. Thank you.