A Lazy Day, Perfect for Writing

Writing is fun on any day, but it’s especially fun on a day when you’re just relaxing and you have nothing to do except watch old episodes of “How I Met Your Mother” on Netflix while you’re cooking some pasta and putting off doing the laundry for another week of hard work.

Today I’ve been working a little on my upcoming rerelease of Seeds of the Future, a book that, as you all know, is no longer in print as of 2013.

I haven’t really discussed the release much, in part because I’m not sure what the final project is going to be. The first release was a collection of both short stories and poetry but I think I’m going to go short stories only this time. Those who own the original book won’t recognize some of the stories, as they’ve been largely reworked. I’ll have more details on this later.

I hope everyone is enjoying this weekend. Let me know on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram how you’re spending it!