My American Revolution Begins

My American Revolution is finally available for viewing to the public!

The story, as I mentioned in a previous entry, is a tribute to American Revolution heroine Margaret Corbin, whose bravery should be an inspiration to us all. The short story details her bravery in the Battle of Fort Washington against the British and the Hessians during the early stages of the American Revolutionary War. As the first woman to fight for America in any war, the first woman to be paid by Congress as a soldier, and the first woman to be wounded in the war, Margaret’s struggles for the freedom of the new nation are staggering.

A link to the story, as well as an accompanying photo, are available in the Short Stories page of my website. Please check out My American Revolution and, of course, feel free to leave comments in the story’s comments or in this blog with feedback. I do read them now and then. Until next time!