The Last and Final … Day of June

It’s official: 2011’s mid-life crisis is already circling the drain. Tomorrow will be the first day of July. Summer is about half over as well. Soon, the leaves on the trees will change color to signal the coming of fall and then later the coming of winter, and all the snow and ice that I dislike so much.

I’m one of those people that would rather be sweating up a storm than shivering to the point where my joints hurt. I think the only time I’ve ever actually enjoyed winter was when I was a kid. I can remember building snowballs that were over 6 feet tall with 10 or more friends of mine in elementary school. Then, once it got so heavy to the point we could no longer push it around, we would dig it out and make an igloo of sorts. Yeah, fun times. But now I just dislike winter altogether.

Another thing I used to greatly dislike is change, but now I see it as a necessary part of life. Change begets change begets change, but there are so many things that stay the same.

Take my website for instance. Starting last night and through the early hours of the morning, my website was enhanced to increase loading time and to remove some unnecessary items. You will notice, of course, the new logo and favicon in the address bar when you first go on the website. This was something that had been in the works for some time and, in the words of Margaret Corbin from My American Revolution, we “finally got it right.”

Also, Google’s new +1 Button was added to both the home page and the Biography page as a way for visitors to recommend Josh Robert Nay Online to their friends, family, and others they might associate with through the Google network. You will also notice that, as a result, the Facebook badge was subsequently removed from the Social Square, which now includes Facebook’s Like button and the aforementioned +1 Button from Google. So by all means, please take the time to +1 the website!

Finally, anyone who uses a slower web connection will notice that the website loads much faster now. Work was done with Google to reduce the website’s bandwidth consumption.

I believe these changes will make the user experience on Josh Robert Nay Online a very positive one. As always, though, if you have any suggestions, please use the Contact form on the website and let us know! Thanks for reading!