Our Immortal Gleam

This day has been tainted with the loss of a very special and important person in my life, my grandma Evelyn Morrow.

It was something that took a long moment to sink in. She passed away at two o’clock this morning. It wasn’t until about 11 am though that the realization finally took hold.

After it did, though, I was surprised to find myself smiling. It struck me as very odd, especially in a time of tragedy such as this.

But then I realized why I was smiling. I guess I was smiling because I still felt a connection to her. Like she was in the same thought at the same time as I was. It was as if she brought the smile to my face.

This inspired me to write a poem in her memory, which I have taken the liberty of sharing below, as she would have wanted me to do. I hope you all enjoy it.

Edit: The Poem is now available here