Running With the Wild Horses

Recently, I had someone ask why I’m planning to move to the United Kingdom. Their sheer, morbid curiosity was very clear. It was also obvious that they would never dare such a venture, content to cower behind walls of comfort they built for themselves all their lives.

My answer? I’m a wall-climber. I chip away at sections until I get fruitful results. I tear them down brick by brick. To assume I have no comfort zone is silly. I just have a strange drive to test that comfort zone and see how far I can go.

Reckless? No, not really. I’m not just a simple risk-taker. In fact, most people will go so far to say I very seldom take risks.

The fact is, I rarely take risks unless I see a possible and achievable benefit in taking that risk, like I see by committing a move to the UK.

College and a secondary career in customer management are two forces helping to drive me in my endeavor. Will it be difficult? Sure, but that’s life. If you’re afraid to tear down walls, then you’ll never take those life-changing risks.

For me, changing the status quo for the better is every bit as important as waking up in the morning.

And I’m really looking forward to running like a wild horse, making things happen, and bringing down the boundaries!

There will, of course, be some things I will miss. But, hey, at least there are restrooms and candy!