Winding Down to the End of July

Here’s a quick breakdown of my to-do list for July:

I promised a short story for all the Western genre lovers out there. That is definitely forthcoming. In fact, I plan on having the story finished by the end of this week.

I promised two new poems. Delivered! However, I will also be delivering more this week and next.

I promised to have a rough draft of a novel. Delivered, although the actual rough draft is for my eyes only. The final draft is pending editor/publisher approval and changes, so it could be very different from the rough draft.

I promised a new short story with Tor. Upcoming! The short story is nearly finished and will soon be submitted to Tor. I have made the commitment to continue working on the story until I see that amazing Tor logo plastered on it. I will deliver!

In addition to the to-do list, I am working on a few other projects as well, some of which I’ve hinted at with past entries of The Purple Dragon and others that I have not announced publicly yet. Although I guess you could count that last sentence as a hint…

For now, make sure you enter the Facebook & Twitter Subscribe to Win Sweepstakes (see previous entry for official rules and a bunch of legal fine print and large words).

Oh, how I love fine print … If you can read this, your eyes are amazing. Until next time!