The Purple Dragon, A Reinvention

NOTE: The following poem is a reinvention of an original work written by Josh Robert Nay in August 1996 and published in Southern Quill that October. ©1996 by Josh Robert Nay.

The Purple Dragon

Words of wisdom could not compare
To his growing and endless fear,
Telling him what he knows in his heart
But doesn’t ever want to hear.

With wings of truth open wide
And out in the open to plainly see,
He wonders why he can love so very deeply
But love from her could never be.

His purple scales confess the feelings
Held in his veins for oh so long,
But with her silent flames of rejection,
More now than ever he must be strong.

With great tears that want to flow freely
From yellow eyes fearful to mortal man,
He feels that his scorching black heart,
Has been painfully burned beyond recognition.

Love does hurt; that’s what they say,
But someday, he will love again.
When all this pain and sorrow is gone,
His wings of truth will open.

He will rise up and take his place
And be engulfed in flames of love.
Until that time, this tale shall be told
Of the lonely purple dragon flying above.