Internet Censorship – My Thought For the Week

Last week ended about 15 minutes ago, according to my clock. Yet it was not an ordinary week at all.

As most of you are probably aware (unless you didn’t visit on Wednesday the 18th, or didn’t notice my previous post), joined Google, Wikipedia, WordPress, and thousands of other internet sites in a blackout, the largest online protest in history.

Many people might wonder why an author such as myself is so against bills that supposedly help stop piracy.

Well at this point you can probably look it up anywhere. This bill isn’t just trying to stop piracy. In the process, it gives music and movie corporations unnecessary power, the power to sue and even shut down websites they believe might be “infringing” upon their rights.

Everyone should know how corrupt corporations and politicians can be.

To protest the bill, we blacked out for 24 hours Wednesday. Here’s a screenshot of what the website looked like at the time:

Very colorful right?

Needless to say, the protest was at least partially successful as PIPA seems to have been shelved (at least for now). SOPA, however is still out there, and we need to protect our rights and maintain a free and open internet.

On, on the top of the home page, you will see a marquee. This marquee will remain on the site until January 24th, at which time it will be removed. However, even after it is removed, I will continue to fight for the online freedoms of my fans, my visitors, and my friends and family, so that future generations will have access to the same free and open internet that we enjoy today.

Thanks, everyone for your kind support last week. We are writing our own history!