I Wish I Was A Morning Person

Mornings …

I hate them.

Well, sometimes. See, I’m kind of a morning person per se, but when it comes right down to it, if given a choice, I’d rather catch an extra wink of unconsciousness than catch the first rays of the sun at 7 am.

This morning, however, I’m wide awake and it’s barely 8 am. The sun is out, early morning churchgoers and commuters can be seen going by, and a lone bird is chirping loudly in a tree just outside my window.

I figured I’d get some work done on my fantasy novella Wynx, but a few hundred words in and I reach a roadblock. So I decided to update my new blog.

Mornings are arguably the best time for me to write. My mind is clear, the entire world seems to be either sleeping or laying quietly in warm and comfortable feather beds, and the peace of mind seems plentiful and effortless. Add a couple cups of coffee and you’ve got paradise.

Despite the wonderful morning, however, writer’s block seems to be taunting me with extra effort today. I’m working on a new fantasy short story alongside Wynx to battle it with my own effort, but the process is still slow-going.

Still, a few hundred words seems well worth losing a few hours of sleep. It’s like hiking a few more steps in a journey toward an unknown paradise.

There’s that “paradise” word again. Good morning, world!

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