Unedited Poem: My Greatest Mistake

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I wrote this poem in about 10 minutes so it’s in no way complete. Still, I thought I’d share the rough draft with all of you. Enjoy!

I’m sorry how you were treated.
I regret what I’ve done.
When I had no one else,
You were always the one
I could turn to without fear.
Now I’m sitting here
Thinking how it used to be.
Nothing I do will bring you back to me.
Nothing I say will fill that void
That was left when we parted.
Don’t get me started
On the look in your eyes when I walked out.
I just want to shout
How sorry I am to the entire world.
You were my special girl
But no more will I walk
This long road with you.
I’ve lost what we had.
And I can’t ever have you back.
To the end of my life I must live and wait.
Forever am I cursed with my greatest mistake.

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