Morning Is My Most Creative Time of the Day

I don’t know whether it’s the sheer, utter calm that I feel when the first breaths of a brand new day penetrate my lungs or if it’s something as simple as the position of the sun reminding me of happy days spent as a child looking at the world around him, questioning everything he saw with an unending curiosity. Whatever it is, It compels me to write more than any other time in the day.

With a fresh pot of coffee and an equally fresh perspective, I put fingers to keys and thoughts to book. Specifically, Wynx, my ongoing fantasy project of once seemingly endless rewrites and revisions. Finally, it’s nearing competition.

While there is obviously some more work to do, nevermind the publication process, the story has evolved into a maturity that feels natural, familiar, yet completely different. Kind of like mornings. As each new day brings new challenges and happenings, so does each and very page that pushes its way from mind to matter.

Good morning world! Here’s to new milestones!