Where & How Did You Learn to Read? What Makes It Enjoyable?

It’s always amazing to hear different stories from people about how they learned to read and how they got to the point where they enjoy every single turn of the page.

In my case, it was my father who got me into reading — and later, this fueled my ever-growing love for writing as well. He used to watch Star Trek: The Next Generation almost every single day. It wasn’t long before I got into the franchise and began watching it with him. This fascination with the Star Trek franchise later grew beyond the television show, leading me down the path to reading through my father’s rather large library of Star Trek books, which in turn lead me to love reading in general.

This fascination with Star Trek never left me and continues to this day, and it led me to a love of the science fiction, fantasy, and historical fiction genres, which I have claimed as my staple genres for writing on numerous occasions despite my love for writing everything.

My love for writing came from my love for reading. My love for reading spawned from my love for Star Trek. In a way, Gene Roddenberry’s vision helped solidify my own, and it’s that vision that I hope to pass along to others with my upcoming novels.

What got you into reading? Did it ever spawn a love for writing?

1 thought on “Where & How Did You Learn to Read? What Makes It Enjoyable?

  1. Zack Kennedy (@ZackKennedy) says:

    I have always loved reading, not writing much, but I remember my teacher in elementary school got us encouraged to read with lots of treats and such. We were like little animals being taught tricks I guess lol.

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