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Sweetness of Imperfection

There are certain imperfections in people that make them … perfect. These imperfections make them stand out in a crowd, make them appear on their own separate, perfect plain of existence. From a simple twitch of the eye to a small pimple on their face … imperfections define who we are in ways nothing else […]

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11 Score and 15 Years Ago…

Hello, everyone, just wanted to wish everyone a happy and safe Independence Day! Eat lots of good food, have fun at the parades, and enjoy the fireworks. Most of all, don’t forget what this day stands for. I will be taking a couple of days off to observe the holiday but I will be back […]

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It’s not called the “4th of July,” America. It’s called “Independence Day.”

One thing that I find greatly disturbing about this time of year are the people who think of Independence Day as nothing more than just another holiday. Time to go have a barbecue, take a small vacation from work, or say “oooh” and “aaaah” while watching fireworks explode in the sky… It’s also a fact […]

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A Mixture of Tears and Coffee

Okay, so maybe just coffee. I’ve found myself drawn to that drink like a moth drawn to a bug zapper recently. My Internet connection died yesterday. It was down all night. Ironically, this took place right after watching the South Park episode where the Internet dies across the world and Kyle has to unplug it […]

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