Sweetness of Imperfection

There are certain imperfections in people that make them … perfect. These imperfections make them stand out in a crowd, make them appear on their own separate, perfect plain of existence. From a simple twitch of the eye to a small pimple on their face … imperfections define who we are in ways nothing else ever could.

Actors and actresses hide numerous imperfections behind great walls of makeup, lighting, and even special effects. This wall takes away their humanity. It takes away their imperfections, their way of standing out in the crowd, of being on their own perfect plain of existence. In their case, maybe perfection is their imperfection.

Writers … well, we have our own idea of perfection, and of imperfection. We don’t all hide behind walls. In fact, we’re out their facing them every single day. We explore how each speck of imperfection defines who we are, and who humanity is together. Our characters are the underlying pieces of our imperfect personalities, and they each have their own distinct personalities. Together, they make up a whole, a representation of something more, something deeper.

Whether it be emotional, psychological, or physical, imperfections move us in our everyday lives. To lose those imperfections would remove our sense of purpose, the want to better ourselves and humanity, and that endless quest for perfection. People who think of themselves as perfect often have no sense of trying to achieve something even greater, and often wind up with far less potential than the imperfect being hiding in the shadows and in the back of the classroom.

Explore your own imperfections and your own weaknesses, but don’t let them take you down. If anything, let them be an inspiration to you and your cause. Whether you want to improve the world, improve humanity, or just improve yourself and your way of life, it’s this endless pursuit of perfection that will drive us to do things we have never done before, to explore our own potential. To be more than we are.

In the end, we may find that our very imperfections have allowed us to live our lives in the state we have always strived to achieve. And we will finally know the true meaning of “perfection.”