Rants / September 5, 2011

Sweetness of Imperfection

There are certain imperfections in people that make them … perfect. These imperfections make them stand out in a crowd, make them appear on their own separate, perfect plain of existence. From a simple twitch of the eye to a small pimple on their face … imperfections define who we are in ways nothing else […]

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Writing / August 26, 2011

The Flower

A Short Piece by Josh Robert Nay. “A flower on my window sill once told me the secret of existence. I didn’t listen, so caught up in my stress-consumed life and my miserable day to day routine that the flower’s pedals of prediction failed to penetrate even the most concentrated knots of my soul. And […]

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Writing / July 16, 2011

Nothing But Novels, Novels, Novels!

By the end of July, I plan on shifting my focus from poetry and short stories to novels and novelettes almost entirely. That’s not to say I won’t be releasing new poems and short stories by any means. It means that the novels will take center stage over the poems and short stories. Yeah, August […]

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