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Work has me swamped today, so I thought I’d take a moment to remind everyone to follow me on Twitter, this blog, RSS Feed, or friend me on Facebook. I am, of course working on a permanent fan page on Facebook, but my own Facebook page will suffice for the time being.

Following via RSS

Following using the RSS option is by far the best option, as it notifies you of new posts on The Purple Dragon as well as new publications as soon as they are available. To follow via RSS, visit any page on Josh Robert Nay Online and click the blue Subscribe Now link in the box labeled “The latest from Josh Robert Nay.”

Follow The Purple Dragon

Following this blog is easy; You can find the follow options on the right hand side of this page. Follow using Google Friend Connect if you have a Blogger or Google account using the option located under “Followers.” Of course, if you don’t have a Google account, you can always use the “Follow by Email” option located directly below the Followers section.

Following on any of these options has significant benefits. As mentioned, whenever a new blog entry, short story, poem, or other content is published, you are immediately notified via the RSS. As for the other options, I also notify everyone on Facebook, Blogger, and Twitter of the new additions.

Thanks for following! I hope you continue enjoying both The Purple Dragon and Josh Robert Nay Online!!

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