Writing / March 8, 2012

The New iPad … I Hate the Name

There is no doubt, Apple’s New iPad is an SEO, originality, good-name nightmare. Sure, the device itself is great, especially if you’re the strange type of person who wants to carry their HDTV x 2 at 1/7 the size with them everywhere they go. That 1/7 is generous for probably 90% of people. If you’re […]

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Poetry / September 17, 2011

Building Blocks … A Look Back

Two years ago today, Josh Robert Nay Online 1.0 was officially launched. Previously, the website had been called many things and went through many reinventions: J.R. Nay Connection (1999-2003), Gaia’s Adoration (2003-2007), space15 (2007-2009) and finally, in 2009, the final and official Josh Robert Nay Online was released. Here’s a quick overview of each of […]

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Website / August 12, 2011

Hooray! August 12, 2011 Updates Completed

Scheduled updates to Josh Robert Nay Online have been completed! This was the first major update since the new layout’s inception in May. The changes are as follows, separated by page: Home -New look for the short story segment. Instead of 3 boxes, there is now just one box with an informative description on the […]

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