Hooray! August 12, 2011 Updates Completed

Scheduled updates to Josh Robert Nay Online have been completed! This was the first major update since the new layout’s inception in May. The changes are as follows, separated by page:

-New look for the short story segment. Instead of 3 boxes, there is now just one box with an informative description on the newest story. Includes a link to the Short Story page, but may eventually link to the Title Catalog as well.

Books and Individual Book Pages
-New look for A Lover’s Garden page. Facebook button moved to the top of the page for easier viewing and Liking. Preview section revamped to make for easier readability. Author’s Note is now easily accessible and readable straight from the sidebar.
-Book cover images sharpened

Short Stories
-New look for entire short story page. Instead of just the boxes and titles, each page now includes a short but detailed summary of each story as well as their respective genres.
-Short Story Terms of Use/Copyright Notice moved to section above short story list.

-New look for poetry page. List of poems put into white background.
A Lover’s Garden poetry list updated to include cover and a more user friendly reading experience.
-Poetry Terms of Use/Copyright Notice moved to section above poetry list.

-New look for entire article page.
-Suite101 page with frame navigation added for viewing of articles without having to leave the Josh Robert Nay Online site.
-That Gaming Site link removed. Articles are no longer viewable online.

-Credits section is now in a white box to conform with the new changes throughout the rest of the site.

-New buttons updated to conform to new site white box look, only now includes curved corners and sharper images.

Privacy Policy
-White boxes added to necessary portions of the policy to make those particular sections stand out better.

Site Map
-Site Map expanded and updated to reflect the addition of 19 additional pages to the website.
-Site Map now in list form instead of graphic form.

In addition to the changes made to each individual page, the following changes have affected the entire website:

-New underline, overline look when hovering mouse pointer over some links.
-Bolded font in the top navigational bar.
-Over 19 new pages added to the site, for each individual poem and short story instead of offsite links.
-Site is now compatible with Android, iPhone, and Blackberry browsers.

Other minor changes have taken place, but these changes were mostly made to bolster the user experience on the website overall.

Let us know what you think of the new changes!