Blast From the Past … Our Immortal Gleam (and How to Go Mobile)

Way back in the beginning of June, I posted a poem entitled Our Immortal Gleam, a tribute to my recently deceased grandma. Today, that poem has been published and is now viewable online at The Title Catalog and all links on the website have been updated to reflect the URL of the new title. I hope you all enjoy it!

Also, many people have been asking if Josh Robert Nay Online is or ever will be compatible with mobile devices. Actually, certain things are indeed compatible with mobile browsers. This blog, for instance. Also, every single piece of content I publish with Yahoo is automatically compatible (and did anyone notice the new look of the top navigation bar?).

So the answer is, yes, Josh Robert Nay Online is compatible. The website itself may not display correctly on older devices, but it has been tested on BlackBerry, Android and iPhone browsers to work and displays perfectly! Extensive testing with other mobile browsers is forthcoming.

Simply point your mobile browser to and from there you can click on any content to view it through the mobile browser. Poetry and short stories can be read for free while on a plane using Wi-Fi, when a computer isn’t readily available, or just simply relaxing in the comfort of your bed.

Speaking of short stories, it’s time to get back to work on the Tor project. Have fun going mobile!