My American Revolution

The short story based on the American Revolution is short-coming. Although it will be out before the end of June, it probably won’t be sooner than June 21st.

It’s a difficult piece to write. For me, chronicling events and people throughout history usually comes pretty naturally. After all, historical fiction is my forte. Well, one of them. Especially when it’s surrounding U.S. or Greek history. This project, however, keeps me scratching my head after every turn.

I am committed to delivering a dynamic and epic short story, however. I would like it to be something enjoyed for years to come (which is, of course, the goal for most written pieces of work). Of course, it will never be as epic as the actual signing of the Declaration of Independence or the Boston Tea Party. I’ll have to settle for a close second this time.

I’ll continue to work on the story until I feel it is a piece that will be both enjoyable and informative, but again, it won’t be any later than the end of June.

And, of course, as soon as the story is published officially, I’ll post a link to it here in my blog. For now, check out my American Revolution poem that was published earlier this week. And, in closing, please enjoy the new!