Shifting Focus on Facebook

A quick announcement before I head off to dream land: my Facebook page is being given a facelift. I am in the process of removing all of the unnecessary photos, information, and links, but much of the work has already been done. I wanted to do as much as I could before getting back to work.

I haven’t yet decided just what exactly I want to do with my Facebook yet. There are a few options to consider, such as using it as a photo album, a place to discuss my novels and upcoming works, and of course, a place I can interact with my readers. I could easily do all of the above, but I first need to decide what and how much I want on my website versus my Facebook page.

I’m still waiting on my short story to be published by Yahoo. But that’s another story altogether, and one that I hope will end by the time I post my next entry in The Purple Dragon. Until next time!