The Pieces of a Fantasy

Update: This fantasy story now has a title: Wynx. It is now listed in the Books section on the website with a release date of To Be Determined!

A wizard gazes into the darkness of a place he’s never been before, yet curiously remembers. Around him, pieces of a world possessed by evil but fighting a losing battle of restoral seem to reach out to him, begging him for help.

Flash! Suddenly he finds himself back in his workshop, a petty excuse for one if there ever could be. He is confused. What just happened? Where was he just now. That forest had seemed so familiar …

This wizard’s experience seems to be haunting my own dreams as of late. The wizard, a character in my upcoming story for Tor who just won’t go away, is still faceless, yet I can sense everything else about him. This wizard is every bit as curious as the story that is being written with him.

The pieces of this fantasy are slowly but surely coming together. I have many finished fantasy projects that were never this confusing. Nor never this intriguing. It’s like putting together a puzzle with no knowledge of what the puzzle’s picture is. The challenge is attractive.

This mysterious wizard may only play a part in the upcoming fantasy, but he is a very important part. His portion of the story is being written before many other parts, which is definitely a step off my usual path of beginning to middle to end after doing an outline.

It will be interesting to see how the pieces of this fantasy fit together!

5 thoughts on “The Pieces of a Fantasy

  1. Aithan says:

    It's not considered official until it comes from both the author and the publisher. This is a formal announcement, which probably means the official one is close.

  2. Phanatic says:

    So wait so is Wynx done or not? lol from the sound of this it seems like its still being put together?? oh dont care looking forward to it neways. 🙂

  3. IHateWhenPeopleCallItPizzaPie says:

    @ Phanatic. Any real writer knows that a lot of times, work on a book is not done until the last minute, so I wouldn't be surprised.@ Anonymous Formal announcement here.

  4. James says:

    Interesting … so it's a fantasy then? I hope it's good. Hopefully Josh Robert Nay will put a lock on it or something to keep Hollywood from screwing up yet another good book.

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