The Novel Frontier Begins

A new short story, more content, more pages … it has been a very fruitful and busy couple of days. Accomplishments have been made with little or no setbacks, and I could not have been happier with the results …

The Wild Wild Mind

Anyone who had ever read my work knows I’m more of a psychological writer. Most of my writing, while it may not always be extremely deep, has much to do with the characters in their mind than their actions. I try to put a little mixture of both in so as not to make the stories boring, repetitive, or by any means a rehatch of what has already been done before.

Al Gundy and the Salt is one of these stories. The story itself is not too deep or too hard to understand at all. In fact, I thought of Al Gundy as being a simple mind with simplistic goals. Therefore, his thoughts and actions should both be as simplistic. I kept his personality consistent throughout the story.

Now On to the Novels

Al Gundy and the Salt is not in any way, shape or form my final short story. In fact, I have many, many more short stories to release, and many of them will be available on my website without charge. Still, I have decided to write fewer of them over the next few months as I work more and more on my novels, using the ever-famous Isaac Asimov method.

I have worked on many of these novels for years. Over time, I run out of developmental ideas and move onto the next work. When I run out of ideas for the next work, I move onto another, and so on. This is what I refer to as the Isaac Asimov method, because that is reportedly how he wrote. Sometimes he would leave a work unfinished for a very long time before he would come back to it. I have done the same with my Wizards and Kings series and I’m finally to a point where I can start writing and releasing them.

Onto a New Frontier

With novels, including novellas and novelettes, on the horizon, several new features and changes could be added to Josh Robert Nay Online in the future. The A Lover’s Garden page is not efficient enough to handle all of the information that a novel will include. Therefore, I am looking at ways to redesign the book pages, including that of A Lover’s Garden so all book pages continue to be consistent.

First on the list … Wynx.