Writing / July 28, 2011

The Novel Frontier Begins

A new short story, more content, more pages … it has been a very fruitful and busy couple of days. Accomplishments have been made with little or no setbacks, and I could not have been happier with the results … The Wild Wild Mind Anyone who had ever read my work knows I’m more of […]

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Writing / July 16, 2011

Nothing But Novels, Novels, Novels!

By the end of July, I plan on shifting my focus from poetry and short stories to novels and novelettes almost entirely. That’s not to say I won’t be releasing new poems and short stories by any means. It means that the novels will take center stage over the poems and short stories. Yeah, August […]

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Writing / July 14, 2011

Creating a New World

Obviously, a lot of thought goes into creating a new world and characters to inhabit it. First, you have to develop the world, the basis of its existence, its history, its map layout … every aspect you can to make the world come to life not only in your eyes, but in the eyes of […]

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