My First Love Poem … Tranquil

Tranquil was my very first love poem, written in 1998 and previously published in The Colors of Life collection as Jontelle’s Poem in 2004. It has since been rewritten and revamped, published in my A Lover’s Garden collection in 2010.

Due to fan request, this poem will be added to the upcoming redesigned A Lover’s Garden page in June as part of the Preview section. For now, enjoy!

I see myself standing there,
Tranquil for the longest hour.
Without a care
Because of her hidden power.

And as I stand there,
Looking out
Across the weathering world,
I find myself in constant fear
Of losing that special girl.

So now here I am,
Waiting here
For the right time to let her know
I care for her beyond description.

Beyond life,
Beyond love,
Beyond all.