10 Best Marketing Trends Tools to Use for Keyword Research

SEO Keyword Trends tool

Let’s face it, SEO Keyword Research takes a lot of time. It can be a daunting task to know keywords and more importantly keyword intent, especially if you are new to SEO and you are unfamiliar with some of the tools at your disposal.

Now we can discuss all of the best tools to use for keyword research itself (and this will likely be a future entry in this blog), but for today, I’m going to stick to a simple list of tools you can use to discover marketing trends — beyond the standard SEO keyword research tools that you might already know about.

Ahrefs Traffic Analytics

Subscription required – Ahrefs Traffic Analytics can be found as part of the Ahrefs keyword research tool.

Google Trends

Free – Access Google Trends

Google Trends for YouTube

Free – Access Google Trends for YouTube

Instagram Trends

Free with Instagram account – Instagram Trends is a part of the Instagram social network. Access Instagram Trends

News Map

Free – News Map is an interesting little tool that takes all of the news that’s trending across the world and puts it in a colorful collage. Useful if you want to write about a news topic that is trending. Access News Map

Pinterest Trends

Free with Pinterest account – Pinterest Trends is a part of the Pinterest image-based social network. Access Pinterest Trends

Semrush Traffic Analytics

Subscription required – Similar to Ahrefs, Semrush offers their own Traffic Analytics tool, and it can be found as part of the Semrush keyword research tool. Access Semrush Traffic Analytics

Twitter Trending Topics

Free with Twitter account – Twitter’s Trending Topics tool is a part of Elon Musk’s Twitter social network. Access Twitter Trending Topics

Wikipedia Trending Topics

Free – You don’t have to sign up for a Wikipedia account to view what’s trending on the world’s most popular source for school research paper sources. See what’s trending on Wikipedia

YouTube Trending Topics

Free – Did you know that YouTube had an entire feed devoted to what’s trending on the video sharing and binge watching site? View YouTube’s trending feed

These are just a few of the tools you can (and should) use alongside any SEO keyword research tools that you have at your disposal.

Do you have any other trends tools that you use that didn’t make this list? Let me know in the comments!