Writing / March 8, 2012

The New iPad … I Hate the Name

There is no doubt, Apple’s New iPad is an SEO, originality, good-name nightmare. Sure, the device itself is great, especially if you’re the strange type of person who wants to carry their HDTV x 2 at 1/7 the size with them everywhere they go. That 1/7 is generous for probably 90% of people. If you’re […]

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Writing / December 17, 2011

Oh the Wonders of Duct Tape

Yes, Mr. Zwanzig. Duct Tape is, indeed, like the Force. It has a light side, and a dark side, and it holds the Universe together. A brief search of the wondrous interwebs will give you an insight into the very psyche of humanity. Everything from beliefs, sad realities, and very disturbing images of grandma cuddling […]

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Writing / December 1, 2011

Of the Razor Industry and Its Craziness

Hey, take a quick moment and go take a look around in your bathroom. What is the manliest thing you see in there? The toilet brush? The shower gel perhaps? The laser-shooting pneumatic drill that you use to clean the goobers of sleep out of your eyes every morning? No, it’s none of those. It’s […]

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