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Writing / July 14, 2011

Creating a New World

Obviously, a lot of thought goes into creating a new world and characters to inhabit it. First, you have to develop the world, the basis of its existence, its history, its map layout … every aspect you can to make the world come to life not only in your eyes, but in the eyes of […]

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Website / July 14, 2011

Check Out the New RSS Feed And Other Updates

The Josh Robert Nay Online section “Feeding the Journalist” has been replaced by a better and much better looking FeedBurner box. Visitors now have the option of subscribing to only one RSS and getting all of the information contained in the old multiple RSS Feed days of the website and my blog. The new “Official […]

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Writing / July 14, 2011

Of Unicorns and Sunsets

A real quick announcement: A new fantasy poem is now viewable on Yahoo. I wrote the poem while remembering a sunset I saw as a child. I remembered how the dry tree in the front yard resembled a unicorn staring into the sun, and it became the symbolism within the poem. Check out the Poetry […]

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Writing / July 9, 2011

Ancient Egypt Mania!

Enter The Uninvited and the Curse, a short story told from the point of view of ancient pharaoh Khufu, for whom the Great Pyramid was built. The story was one of those I announced at the last minute but was quickly scooped up and published by Yahoo, especially for all you fans of ancient Egypt! […]

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Opinions / July 4, 2011

11 Score and 15 Years Ago…

Hello, everyone, just wanted to wish everyone a happy and safe Independence Day! Eat lots of good food, have fun at the parades, and enjoy the fireworks. Most of all, don’t forget what this day stands for. I will be taking a couple of days off to observe the holiday but I will be back […]

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Writing / July 2, 2011

Seeds of the Future 3, Other Projects Forthcoming…

… though they might be a bit delayed, mainly due to the fact that, in addition to my impending move to the United Kingdom, I have also said good-bye for good to POD (print-on-demand) publishing. Instead, I have opted to expand my client base to more traditional publishing companies. For instance, I am currently working […]

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Updates / June 30, 2011

The Last and Final … Day of June

It’s official: 2011’s mid-life crisis is already circling the drain. Tomorrow will be the first day of July. Summer is about half over as well. Soon, the leaves on the trees will change color to signal the coming of fall and then later the coming of winter, and all the snow and ice that I […]

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